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Data centre emergency power systems15-07-2014

Paul Brickman, Crestchic looks at data centre power systems & air conditioning plant testing & commissioning

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How IT pros are seeking better IT mileage10-07-2014

Adam Weissmuller, director of product management and cloud services, Internap, looks at the future of outsourcing

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Are you outage ready?19-06-2014

Ofgem’s recent energy supply capacity report paints an even bleaker picture than its first shocking warning a year ago. Brian Muirie from standby power specialist, Dieselec Thistle, discusses why we’re in danger of the lights going out and what the data centre sector needs to do about it.

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Staying in control11-06-2014

iomart has provided private fibre, UK-wide network ring connecting 7 data centres, capable of scaling up with minimal cost and zero disruption

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Managed cloud services – outsourcing for the 21st century10-06-2014

Richard Blanford, managing director, Fordway looks at the advantages of outsourcing

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Power struggles – planning for business continuity05-06-2014

Rob Tanzer, technical support manager AC Power, Emerson Network Power, UK, looks at the threat that power outages pose

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Preventing corrosion to ensure uptime28-05-2014

Christopher O. Muller, Purafil, George Colman, manager, Purafil Business development and Peter Fish, director, Prisma Services say that getting the right components ensures that you can avoid trouble down the line

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